Monday, 11 January 2010


3am, I am woken from troubled sleep by Control. Can I attend FarAwayPark, where a man has been sledging (at 3 am!!!???) and has hit a tree. Massive head injury, CPR in progress? My muggy brain starts doing the Math - 2-3 minutes to get up and dressed, 5 minutes to dig my car out of the ice, 3 minutes to get to the end of my icerink of a street, another 20 - 25 minutes to get to the entrance of FarAwayPark (maybe longer in this weather), and a final 3-4 minutes to get from my car to the patient, without going a over t in the snow. That all adds up to - No!


  1. I like the math. As a paramedic I wish I could respond in the same manner..

  2. Can't blame you for saying No to that one at all.

    I don't know the control system, but I am suprised it got as far as you being woken to say "No".

    You'd like to think that the crew asking for you or the person dispatching on the call could have thought "where's the nearest basics Dr" and done the maths without having to wake you to find out.

  3. In a way I agree, but the dispatchers in Control are looking for a doctor immediately, and are unlikely to start working all of ths out. Also, if the same call came in when there was no snow / ice I would have been able to cut the time down considerably. I would rather be called and say "no" than not be called (the more usual scenario)