Thursday, 25 February 2010


Ok, this is getting ridiculous!! I'm driving to an RTC on the M25, getting totally stuck between the fast and middle lane, trying to get the cars to part, a la Moses and the Red Sea. Im thinking to myself that I need to get over to the hard shoulder, but finding the traffic too tight to get there. I hear sirens behind me, and look over to my left to see GassPasser2 passing me on the hard shoulder! What!!! Where the heck did he come from?? Is he following me? Listening in to my 'phone calls??

3 minutes later and I arrive at the scene of the RTC, and assist GP2 to get a fairly well man out of his car, after he had lost control and hit the central reservation. No intubation needed, just an extra pair of hands (x2!!)

GP2 and I chat about the increased call rate that we have both noticed over the past few weeks, and wonder if has anything to do with the fact that we have both got very shirty on the phone to Control when they have not called us for jobs we were needed at. Then we notice that a) it is night time, b) it's freezing cold and c) it's pouring with rain, and we get into our respective cars and drive home. See you soon, no doubt!!


  1. It not just the weather that increasing your call volume, ive nearly hit about 5 lamposts in the last week all at <10mph bloody ICE!!!!!

  2. I think the weather is effecting almost everyone this weekend. I do have to say I noticed a nice lull when a state of emergency was declared and everyone decided that perhaps leaving the house for things that were not life threatening was a good idea over here on this side of the ocean.