Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Book Sale

They come knocking on our door, in ones and twos, laden with bags or boxes of books to add to the growing pile. Mrs RRD bustles around them, proffering tea and biscuits, as they search for a literary gem, for a much loved author. The questions: "Who brought this fab book?" "How much for this one?" The chat, about the kids, about school, about ailments, about BASICS. And then they leave, carrying with them treasures for an evening soaking in the bath, for a train or plane journey, or to shade their eyes from the sun on the beach this Summer.

All of them are here to support our charity. All of them give generously, both of books they no longer want, and for books that they have found.

Thank you to all of you, but especially, and as always, to Mrs RRD, for caring so much.


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