Sunday, 5 September 2010

Filling the Coffers

Once again, MrsRRD helps our Charity to gain much-needed funds. She wrote to Waitrose in Mill Hill and nominated BASICS-London for their Community Matters scheme. Each month, three charities are chosen at each branch, and £1000 is split between them, based on the number of tokens each charity gets. The tokens are handed out to all the shoppers, and they chose which of three boxes to place their token. So, for the month of September, if you live anywhere near Mill Hill in London, do pop in and support your favourite charity. Who knows, you may meet someone special there...

The Stig Supports BASICS


  1. Good Luck. Waitrose have supported a large number of CFR schemes through this brilliant fundraising concept.

    I recommend taking young children in - they're always able to charm 3 or 4 tokens per purchase from the staff.

  2. What? You are the Stig!!!? Cooool.

    Sorry for not being around very much, I'm ok.

  3. Some might've photo-shopped your helmet RRD! Having known you for so long, I'd say that it's your waistline, 'cos that one is from 1991.