Monday, 15 November 2010

The Essentials

Ah, Monday mornings!! How I love my Monday mornings! You see, I don't go to work until 4pm on a Monday, so for me it's a continuation of my weekend, just without the noise of 5 smaller people.

It's a dressing gown morning for me. Mrs RRD has been up at the crack of dawn to take Princess and Micro2 to the bus stop, and I am enjoying a hot cup of tea and some 'us' time, while we work out what to do with our day together.

The ringing of my 'phone sends a small shiver of anticipation through my bones: yes, the screen reads "Unknown." Control seem to have got the message that I am still alive, and this is a call to a trapped RTC nearby.

"Want to come with?" I enquire of Mrs RRD. She acknowledges that this might be fun, and I rush upstairs to get dressed.

As I run down the stairs she is passing in the opposite direction! "Get into your suit and program the SatNav," she suggests, "while I get my essentials."

Thirty seconds later, the engine running, the SatNav all ready and the lights flashing, Mrs RRD jumps in beside me; flask of tea, book and make-up bag at the ready.

As I ease out of the drive, the 'phone rings again. I answer on BlueTooth (before anyone says anything!!): "Can we cancel you down on that job: no-one trapped or injured." We climb out and continue our day.


  1. Glad to see that Mrs RRD is like my wife as she is clearly pragmatic. Loved the flask by the way.

    On being given a 'not required' call from control, I hated the furtive look around so we could take the 'bus' on blues and twos somewhere we could turn everything off, and hide for a few minutes from the poor buggers we had alarmed seconds earlier.

    Good to see you back.

  2. you insured to carry 'passengers'?

  3. In a way (for the patient) I suppose its a good thing when these calls amount to nothing. Hope you end up with some interesting stories to post soon, though!

  4. I'm sorry for disappearing, RRD. I hope things have been going ok for you. Best wishes to you and yours.

    I will try and update the planets really soon.