Saturday, 29 January 2011


He loves driving. He's quite good at it, actually, having been driving for well over 6 months. He can handle his car with ease. So what if he drives a bit fast sometimes. He can cope. He never drinks and drives. That would be silly.

He's out with his mates. His girlfriend is driving her car, and is in front of him at the moment. She can't drive properly. She sticks to the speed limit. It's 2'oclock in the morning - what's the point of a 30mph speed limit. After all, it's not as though there is anyone else on the road.

Ok, time to show her just how to drive!! No room on the right, so have to undercut on the left. Drop back a bit to give some accelleration space, then floor it, and onto the pavement.

He hits the concrete bollard at well over 50mph. The bollard is partially uprooted, and ends up at a 30 degree angle, just perfect to act as a take-off ramp.

The car sails through the air, at a height of 2 metres, and comes to rest on the roof of a Volvo S60 (band new, from the look of the plates) that was parked in the owner's driveway.

I arrive to see 4 young lads walking around, somewhat dazed by what has occurred. None have any significant injuries. Not one. The girlfriend doesn't look happy, and I wonder, as I drive away, whether the only thing that has been broken in this accident, (apart from the unfortunate S60) is the relationship.

I go home, so pleased that my teenage son isn't like the others. Oh, and that he can't afford the car insurance, so won't be driving any more.

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