Sunday, 20 March 2011

Mrs RRD To The Rescue!!

It was like something out of an orienteering test: "Go to the M25, Junction X. However, do not, I repeat, do not, travel along the M25." Oh. So, how do I get there, if I can't drive along my favourite motorway? I have all of the local junctions programmed into my Sat Nav, but this one isn't that local, and I haven't the first clue. The HEMS paramedic who has activated me for this mission, isn't able to guide me in at all - he doesn't know this area well enough. However, I know a special lady who does.

A quick call to Mrs RRD, and, with Google Maps loaded on her trusty MacBook Pro, she guides me along the 30 minute journey. She plots my position with pinpoint accuracy, giving me key sites along the way, so that I am able to concentrate on getting through the traffic.

And then I am there. I can see the accident, as I arrive at the roundabout over the motorway. The HEMS para has helpfully advised me that I will need to travel westbound, on the eastbound carriageway. Erm, that's the wrong way!! Isn't it?? I go round the roundabout twice more, just to be sure exactly what my plan of action is. Ok, I need to go down to the motorway on the sliproad that cars normally come OFF the motorway on. That's rather pants-wetting, especially when a fire engine is coming the other direction!!


  1. Wait, what? A man who asked for directions? Surely not!

  2. Depending what sat nav you have, you may have an option to choose which route it programs - I know mine you can select "avoid motorways" may have to delve around in the options menu to switch on the screen that let's you choose though....

  3. I've called MrsInsomniac in the past when on an emergency call and looking for a certain shop in a certain local (somewhat large and frightening) shopping centre. From getting lost to being in exactly the right spot within 30 seconds....... :)