Thursday, 23 July 2009


Hi Folks

Just wanted to let you know that I'm off on holiday with Mrs RRD and the 5 kids. A nice, leisurely drive down to the South of France. I must be mad!!! I packed an emergency bag, then found myself working out the doses of anaesthetic agents and tubes sizes for each one of my family, at which point I gave up. I'm taking a pack of steristrips and some glue, and that's it! Mrs RRD however has taken the contents of the local pharmacy with her. See you soon!



  1. But will you blog your vacation?

    And, if so, will your posts meet the "Dr. Grumpy" hilarity standard?


    And TRY not to tube anybody, okay?

  2. no, not planning to, although the first night we are intubatea hotel with free wifi. And, because we have so many kids, Mrs RRD and I will be in separate rooms, making sure none of them run off. So, I may get a chance to do some writing tonight...

  3. Ha ha. So many kids. I know how you feel! Holidays are a bit of a challenge keeping everyone happy.