Thursday, 2 July 2009

Oh, The Power!!

As a counter to my last post, I just thought I would relate what happened to me this morning:

I arrived at work, and parked up just outside the ambulance parking bay. As I was chatting to one of my friendly paramedics about a job he was on at the weekend, another ambulance pulled up alongside. The EMT got out, and took out the new fold-up chairs that they have been issued with. After a few minutes of watching him struggle with this strange contraption, the para and I wandered over. Deftly, and within a few seconds, the para had assembled the chair.

"Thanks, Doc!" said the EMT.


  1. The para assembled the chair, but you got the thanks?! :p

  2. Next time, may I suggest a friendly clip round the ear or even a whipping for your serf, by way of acknowledgement? Trust me, he'll appreciate the thought. ;)