Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Ok, so my Dad comes in to the hospital today, and needs iv access in a hurry. So, I get the kit, and go for the right wrist. Damn!! I missed!!! My own father, veins like drainpipes, and I missed.

I am sure some would say, that is why you don't treat your own family. I know, but, when your father is in front of you, and he needs a line, and you are the most experienced person there, you just do it (or, in my case, botch it!)

He's fine now, just been discharged.


  1. Try having your husband grade your practice scenerios in class. That's not fun....

  2. You do know he'll never let you live this down, don't you?

  3. Oh no, not him! It's my sister, who is a senior nurse, who won't let me live it down!!

  4. Hey, it was my experience when I worked as a Laboratory Technologist, that those who had the biggest, fattest garden hose veins were the patients whose veins I never hit on the first try.
    Seems like these veins have a mind of their own, and will roll all the way to the other side of the room if a needle of any size comes within 10 feet!

    However, if you are going to be ragged on for missing the vein, better it is your sister the Sister!

  5. He's not bad though. Bruise has almost gone!!! I'm still alive and kicking, which is more to the point. Keep up the good work son.

  6. Glad to hear your dad survived your stabbing attempt. Never had to start a line on family (yet), yes.

    I've had the pleasure of starting an IV on myself twice recently and giving myself Adenosine in the back of the ambulance. PSVT sucks, especially when it hits you at work and you're too embarrased to tell anyone.

    There's a happy ending to my story:

    Be safe,