Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Post for me! Excellent. Looks official. I open it to find a Notice of Intended Prosecution. Excess speed of 40MPH on a 30MPH restricted road. I check the date, and let out a sigh of relief as I see it is on a date I went out on a job - a double stabbing, one survived, one died. Ok, no problem, just knock off my usual standard letter, giving CAD number and whoosh! All sorted.

More post. Looks official. Another letter from those friendly souls at Traffic Criminal Operations Unit. This time, it is an offer. I can agree to pay the fine and get 3 points on my licence. Or I can go to Court and contest it. Oh dear! I have another, closer look at the letter. Ah, I see the issue. The time of the speeding was a good hour after the incident. So, I wasn't on my way to the incident. I must have been on my way back home. Still, surely that is mitigating circumstances; having attended such a disturbing scene. Ok, no problem, just knock off a rather more in-depth letter, explaining what had been going on, and hope that will all be sorted.

I am driving towards the hospital, when I see the drated camera that got me. Wait a minute! The camera is pointing TOWARDS the hospital. So, that means... wait another minute! I was in the back of the ambulance with this patient. So, someone else was driving my car. I rack my brains. It was definitely not one of the ambulance crew - they were too busy with me and the patient. It must have been one of the police officers. Oh, well, too late now to do anything about it.

I try to find a number for the Traffic Criminal Justice Operational Command Unit, but there is no way of getting hold of it. I ring the local station, and am advised that I need to send the original form, with the name of the police officer who was driving. Not so easy, on two counts. I haven't got the form, and I haven't got the name. I ask for someone in Homicide to call, to get some advice.

The Homicide Officer calls, and I explain once again what has happened. She promises to deal with it for me. Phew!!


  1. When you said you asked for someone in Homicide to call, to get some advice, I thought for a moment you were planning your own revenge on either (a) the police officer who broke the speed limit in your car or (b) the Traffic Criminal Operations Unit

  2. Mr.RRD try and keep a log of the shoulder numbers along with the CAD's, it'll make it alot easier for you, although sometimes in a hectic situation it can be hard to remember to do

  3. Thanks, Fee, hadn't thought of that - not such a bad idea!!

    And, Wannabemedic, picture the scene - swimming in blood from a nasty stabbing. Hold on a sec, I must just get your shoulder number. I agree it would be useful, just not very practical. Better still, the police shouldn't speed in MY car.

  4. If you ring the police control room they will be able to tell you who drove your car as the cop would have had to call it in over the radio for it to go on their computers ie so he didnt get a bollickin off his sargent for driving your car.