Saturday, 22 May 2010

Confessions Part 2

I need to get Princess RRD to the train station - she's meeting all her friends and going to Thorpe Park. But it is REALLY early, and I'm feeling rather grouchy. In an effort to give the impression that I am happy to be getting into my car at 7 in the morning, when I could have had a nice long lie-in (to 7:30), I graciously move my car away from the bush that is blocking her passenger door. I reverse out of the space, and hear the sickening crunch of metal against metal. Bugger!!!

I jump out of my car and hurry round to the rear, spitting expletives as I go. Can anyone guess who's car I have hit?? Yep, Mini-RRD's!!!!! I cannot believe it!! How on Earth am I going to own up to this one? Here am I, rapid response driver, constantly correcting his driving, telling him to check his mirrors, ete, etc., and I'VE HIT HIS CAR!!!

Ok, regroup. Check damage: My car - big dent in bumper, could fit my head it in (or someone else's.) His car - tiny scratch. That's it? How ridiculous! I am now going to drive around with a car that looks like it came off worse in a Demolition Derby, and he gets away with nothing?? Unfair!!

Ok, regroup. I hit him. Not the other way round. Maybe I can get away with this - after all, he might not notice. Then I look up at the house. His face, staring at me, through his open window, tells me that I need a Plan B.


  1. You could tell him that it is all part of the advanced driving course, and he wouldn't understand?

  2. And THAT son is how NOT to reverse out of a parking space. Now, let me teach you how to fill in insurance paperwork...

  3. haha just apologies and go through your insurance so he keeps his no claims :(.

  4. He shouldn't have parked behind you, and if that is his usual spot he should have gotten up before you and moved it.

    Darn inconsiderate kids!

  5. I'd go with Joe, make it a learning experience. Add "And this, son, is how we buff out a minor scratch".

    If he gets troublesome and/or lippy, do what I do, remind the youngster that you're one of the people who used to change his nappies! That and a threat to show any girlfriends the baby photos should do the trick.