Monday, 3 May 2010


He slams his fist into the other's face repeatedly.  His opponent falls to the floor.  I glance up at them, then turn a page, slowly.  The big man picks up a chair, and brings it down towards the smaller guy's head.  Quick as a flash, he rolls away, and sweeps the big man's feet out from under him.  He comes crashing down, and lies there, still.

Suddenly, there is an explosion, and another man enters the scene.  He hurls expletives at the little guy, and runs at him, murder in his eye.  I turn another page.  The two of then are nose to nose, shouting and screaming at each other.  The crowd of people watching are in a frenzy, urging them to more violence.  One elbows the other in the face, and he falls to the ground.

Unnoticed, the big man rises to his feet, walks calmly over to the scrapping pair, and jumps onto both of them.

"One.... Two.... Three!!!"  The bell rings, signifying the end of another bout, as I continue to read my book.  Oh how I love being the medic for World Wrestling Entertainment.


  1. :O shocked front row seats and you arent interested.

  2. sorry, but after you've seen the Undertaker a few times, it all just pales...

  3. Sounds a bit like me and my brother when we were growing up! Without the naff costumes, obviously.