Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Half Price, Special Offer

"Oh, he's gorgeous!" exclaims MrsRRD. "You must buy him, especially as he's on special offer."
"Half price," I said. We buy him, and I put him in the back of my car, staring out of the window. He looks so funny, and so appropriate to what I do.

Later that evening, as I am stashing my gear into my boot, the pouring rain against my hood, his lopsided grin seems so wrong, so out of place. His blue body and bandaged head mirrors the body lying behind me, my lights reflecting off his skin.

And there he sits, my special offer, half price, Mr Bump.


  1. oh dear! I have clearly been a little too obtuse on this one. Apologies to Kieran, whose comment has disappeared, due to my inability to use the moderation part of this blog...

    Have a look at this link: - that's what I've now got in the back of my car. Not sure how long I will be keeping it there, though...