Sunday, 22 August 2010


Well, Constant Reader, I would like to share with you something about me. Three years ago tomorrow, I stood beside a beautiful lady, slipped a ring onto her finger, and turned her into MrsRRD. Yes, tomorrow is our 3rd wedding anniversary, traditionally celebrated with a gift made of leather.

And, very publicly, I want to say thank you, MrsRRD, for standing by my side three years ago, and for continuing to stand beside me. You are the one who makes everything possible, who supports me in what I do, and who always helps me make the right decision. Without you, I wouldn't be RRD. I wouldn't be anyone.


  1. Very well written, and very sweet.

  2. Lucky lady to have someone who is so willing to say it publicly. Long may it last!

  3. Happy anniversary! we just celebrated our 30th, and still in love