Monday, 27 June 2011

Next Venture

When I wrote about the BUPA 10K run, I mentioned that there was something else on the horizon, and that I would let you know soon.  Well, here it is.  Those eagle-eyed Readers will already have noticed that I have been doing a lot of cycling recently.  Also, the panel on the right now says "Training for the Brands Hatch Cyclothon."  Yes, yours truly, along with MiniRRD and 2 others, will be cycling round Brands Hatch for 8 gruelling hours!!

I love cycling, far more than I like running.  I decided I needed a new bike, especially if I was going to be doing this Cyclothon.  I went to my local bike shop and bought one.  Bear in mind that I know precious little about bikes.  I wanted to ride home on it, so off I went.

1 minute later, the back tyre was flat.  I walked back to the shop, and they put in a valve.  The fact that it didn't have one originally did cross my mind, but hey, anyone can make a mistake!!  I decided to ride home again.

2 minutes later, the back tyre was flat.  I walked back to the shop, where they refunded my money.

I went to a proper shop, where they know what they are doing.  I test rode 3 or 4 bikes, and found the perfect bike for me.  It's a red one!!  I decided not to ride it home, as we live a good 10 miles away...

Later that evening, like an impatient schoolboy ("can I ride my bike now?  Oh please, oh please!!) I waited for the rain to stop, then went for a ride on my brand new (red) bike.

1 minute later I fell off.  I scraped my left elbow really bad, and my knuckles on my right hand.  Undeterred, I got back on and carried on my journey, blood dripping off my elbow and my hand.

20 minutes later I got a puncture.  And then it started raining.  And then my elbow started hurting.  I called MrsRRD, and she came and collected me.

I'm really looking forward to my Cyclothon...


  1. Good luck! I love cycling, I commute by bike (admittedly I live and work in Derby, where there's less manic traffic) and it is the best feeling ever.

  2. I took up cycling this year after giving up when I got married 33 years ago. Currently I'm going out with a group weekly and am being looked after on the rides by an eighty-something year old who worked with my dad a decade before I was born. In the first three weeks I fell off three times, once embarassingly just waiting to move off. I was just glad I didn't set off a domino effect.

    It is much harder than I remember it being as a child.