Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Are You?

What an interesting world I have joined - the world of the underground blogger. I was in the hospital this evening, and a paramedic walked past me, one I have known for a while. He said "Are you, by any chance?" I smiled. "Might be. Are you?" "Possibly", was his reply. We smiled, knowingly, and went our separate ways.


  1. Just to say, for those who might be wondering, that I had been unmasked by a certain Insomniac... have a read of his blog - well worth a look.

  2. was, fortunately I mananaged to stop myself in time and just look up and to the right a bit! Managed to save myself looking stupid there!! lol

    Have just sat and read though your blog RRD - very interesting seeing another side to prehospital care. :o)

  3. Your not alone there RRD. A few of the guys at my base station and also at the station near where I live read my blog. I did want to remain anonymous locally but they are surprisingly supportive. It's amazing how many of us do this blogging business. Maybe it's a bit of self counselling.

  4. I agree, Mac, I also started my blog for a very different reason I continue it. I started to try and raise public awareness of BASICS; I carry on because I find the need to offload some of the traumas; a way of expressing my thoughts...

  5. Just found your blog this afternoon, via http://www.neenaw.co.uk/, for a change. seeing as Tom Reynolds is getting plenty plugs!
    I've sat here and read the whole lot.
    Now its in my "favourites". I used to work at bigcityhospital or 893 as LAS call it, now I too spend most of my time on the road.
    Great blog, keep it up

  6. Thank you Reversecookie, for your comment. Hope you continue to enjoy the blog