Sunday, 1 March 2009

My First Entry

Hi there! This is my first entry in my first Blog. Why am I here? Well, as my "About Me" panel says, I spend much of my spare time being called by the Ambulance Service to attend major accidents and other incidents (shootings, stabbings, falls from height, etc) where the paramedics feel that more medical care is needed for their patient. Who out there has heard of BASICS, the British Association for Immediate Care? Very few, if any. We are a charity, and all the doctors give up their time voluntarily.

I was talking about the work we do at a Women's Club last week, and I got to thinking about all the jobs I do, and the fact that no-one knows about the sterling work the members of BASICS do. There had to be a way to get BASICS more into the public eye.

I am a big fan of Tom Reynolds' blog "Random Acts Of Reality." While I do not profess to be able to write like Tom can, I felt this was the best medium to reach a wide audience. Stick with me; hopefully you will find what I do interesting.


  1. Actually you write extremely well, and I for one will be following your blog with interest.

  2. Thank you, Sage, I hope I don't let you down

  3. Hi there and welcome to the great medical blogosphere!!

    Looks like its going to be an interesting read!
    I have added you to my blog roll. Come over and have a look at my blog and click on the page for "The Handover" blog carnival. Have a read and then have a look over at

    Its a really good way to get your blog known to the international EMS bloggers. So have a think and submit a post.

    Look forward to whats coming on your blog.


  4. This is brilliantly written and makes gripping reading, well done. Can't wait for the next post.

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  6. Hi,

    I have ended up at this post after spending much of my evening reading through your blog from the most recent post. A gripping tale all the way! Thank you for posting all of this up, I will be following with curiosity. As a current clinical medical student, this is currently the area I am most interested in (though I am keeping a very open mind) and reading this blog just makes me more convinced that the acute emergency setting is where I want to be. Keep up the posting, I love the positive and friendly writing style (though it is interesting to note that it seems to have changed since you started!)

    Thank you

  7. Hi, IO, and welcome to my blog. I am pleased you have enjoyed reading what I get up to, and, yes, Emergency Medicine is definitely where it's at!! I am interested in your comment about the change of style. I was reading through some of my early posts only yesterday, and noticed that I didn't start writing in the present tense. What else has changed? I would be very interested to hear if there is anything else different.

    Hope you continue to enjoy what I write.

  8. I think I top IO's efforts in that I, too, have read from the most recent through to your very first post but for an extra year of entries! I am a trained CFR in Somerset (although I used to respond in Dorset), currently work as an HCA and volunteer as an Advanced First Aider. Your blog has inspired me to continue to work hard and learn more. I find it so fascinating to read about emergency medicine from the point of view of someone who is so in the know.

    It's also intriguing to see that from my own level of a basic DRABCDE that only goes as far was OP/NP airways to AVPU and seeing all the same things at your level but to greater depth (intubation and GCS). It's really helped to put things into perspective and I would love to come out on calls with you. I've often wondered whether I've made a difference and reading your blog reassures me that sometimes I can, sometimes I can't, but as long as I've done my best and followed my training then I can sleep.

    Thank you, RapidResponseDoc and best wishes. :-)