Sunday, 27 September 2009

A Kodak Moment

There are times in this job when a camera is essential:

When a child has been the victim of non-accidental injury, we need to be able to document accurately the injuries, the bruises and the marks. A photograph will ensure that this is done perfectly.

When someone has an open fracture we need to photograph the wound, before soaking the area in Betadine and covering the wound. The photograph will stop the doctors from needing to take off all the bandages, so reducing the risk of bone infection.

When we have a really interesting rash, or deformity, or other unusual clinical sign, we want to be able to show our junior staff, our medical students and our colleagues, to educate and inform.

However, when you get called to a man knocked down by an ambulance, and when you get there and he's still half under the vehicle, the temptation is almost overwhelming!

NOTE: Before anyone thinks how callous and awful I and the others at this scene are, the chap was fine. He had been lying in the road, after a little too much to drink, and the vehicle came to a stop before actually hitting him. It just looked SOOOO incongruous. Also, no-one actually took a photo, honest!!


  1. Nobody took a photo?! Honestly. What is wrong with you people?

  2. That was a picture begging to be taken! My first ever camera phone had a lovely shot of a uniformed PC trying to pick the lock on his police car stored in the memory. It always made me smile!

  3. I was working in the control room when that incident happened. Good to know that the chap is alright!!

  4. How could you resist, it looks like either the press are going OTT on the case you attended or their was a similar accident

  5. How could you resist. What a disturbing sight to see if you were passing hope everything is ok

  6. Bet there is a secret snap doing the rounds for the entertainment of the boys and girls in the mess room.

    If not, why not?