Saturday, 12 September 2009

Plane Crash on M25

Just thought I'd share my morning's experience with you all. I got a call about 11am, telling me to proceed to one of our local M25 junctions, because a call had come in reporting a 'plane crash on to the M25. I duly rush off, leaving my guests behind (sorry, Lady Penelope and Joe 90).

Mrs RRD, LP and J90 were scanning all the news channels, calling their parents, and searching desperately for some information or photos of the carnage, when I called them up to let them know that, just as I arrived at the RVP (rendezvous point) I was informed that the 'plane was a remote controlled toy, and my services were no longer required!


  1. Living the dream and saving lives eh?
    Was it EEAST that called?

  2. trying not to sound like I enjoy your having to leave home etc. but lol....