Saturday, 12 September 2009

My Dream Last Night

I am in my car dressed in my orange jump suit. It is night. Where I am going and where I have been is a mystery. A call comes through from the HEMS desk to attend a call all the way over in Essex. I start on my way, then get sidetracked, and stop off at a friend's house for a drink. An irate call from HEMS sends me scurrying out to my vehicle. As I start the engine, the passenger door opens, and a very drunk women gets in. I scream at her to get out - she does so, with a bit of a shove from me. I turn to reverse out of my parking space, and my gaze is met by the lifeless stares of the two girls I have failed to save, sitting in the passenger seats behind me.

My screams waken Mrs RRD, and she calms me down, but it is a long time before sleep finds me again..


  1. Might be worth cutting down on the caffeine... or increasing it... or something!!!

  2. I am totally confused.

    So drunk girl gets in car, you start to move away and then realised the person that you just shoved out your car was the one you were meant to be attending to? Or did you run them over?

    I assume this was some sort of dream? Sod it, I'm going back to bed!

  3. Right, very simple. 1) it's a dream, from last night. 2) the two girls were sitting in the back seats of my car, dead. They were the ones who I was on my way to save. Bottom line - freaky dream, caused by my angst about delays getting to jobs.