Saturday, 31 October 2009

Great to Be Recognised and Remembered

So, I'm in the back of an ambulance at 2am this morning, and the paramedic says to me: "You'd better sit here, facing front. I remember you, you puke if you face back, don't you?" Ah, fame!!


  1. Well, it's better than "You're the useless bugger who botched x, y or z", isn't it? In the great scheme of things.

    Just saying, there are worse things to be known for.

  2. I think you need to teach yourself to ride facing backwards. Edinburgh to London on the train might be a good start.

    Fee right tho atleast your known for something funny.

  3. Ooo I am so with you, I travel by train quite regularly and I still can't travel backwards totally freaks me

  4. an all too familiar story for those of us who have done pre-hospital work ...

    done many a level3 transfer with the anaesthetist going gradually greener and greener whil the crew and myself look after the patient incluyding that 'oh damn' moment that you realise you didn't quite give them enough meds to make the destination hospital and have to give a further dose while hurtling through urban traffic on blues and twos