Sunday, 25 October 2009

Magnum Boots - A Review

Just like Medic Triple Nine, I have been asked to review a pair of Magnum Elite boots. Obviously, a disclaimer is needed first - the opinions in this blog entry are, as always, completely my own, and not necessarily those of Basics. I have a conflict of interest, and that is that, as a result of agreeing to review the boots, I get to keep them! As a Basics Doctor, and especially as a bloke, I love the opportunity to try out new gadgets. All right, that's that out of the way; now on to what I thought of the boots.

These are a new style of boots, known as Elite. The main selling point of them is what is known as Ion-Guard. It is a special waterproof coating that actively repels moisture, which is designed to keep your feet dry, even when submerged. It will also repel other fluids, such as blood and urine, which I didn't try.

Let's get the bad out of the way immediately. These boots do not have steel toe protection. This essentially means that they are unsuitable for most pre-hospital practitioners. I contacted the the manufacturers, and they assured me that there is a new boot coming out, known as Shield, which will be much more suitable for us.

But, apart from that, how did the boots fair? I have certain key factors that I consider when considering which boot is right for me.

The obvious one is comfort. These boots get a resounding thumbs up for this. I wore them for a day while at work in the hospital, and I had no problems. There are no uncomfortable seams, and they did not rub at all.

Second obvious is looks. These boots do look the business, as can be seen here:

Now for an unusual one. I don't as a rule, walk around in my boots all the time. As a Basics Doc, I need to be able to jump into my personal protective equipment quickly, at a moment's notice. And, when I looked at how high up the ankle these boots come, I was expecting problems. I was, therefore, very pleasantly surprised when I saw that the boots do not have the usual eyelets for the laces. Instead, there is a very clever arrangement, that means that the boots can be opened wide very easily, and subsequently tightened remarkably quickly:


And finally, the water repellent coating. I and Mini RRD did the water test this evening, and as you can see from the photos, there was a very definite running off of water, and my foot was completely dry, despite his best efforts to soak me.



I would be very interested to know what happens when the boots get scuffed, as they inevitably will. Also, especially considering a recent job I was on, I am interested to find out how they fare with diesel...

So, in summary, as a stout pair of walking boots, a resounding YES. As a work boot for pre-hospital care, definitely not, certainly until the new ones come out, with the steel toe-protectors.

Now, anyone out there want me to review a new car, I'd be happy to oblige - as long as I can keep it!!


  1. My brother currently uses them, and I am sure that the fluid repellent factor is a major consideration in his purchase.

    He's a prison officer, so it must to keep his feet dry if it rains!

  2. Nice! Shiny! If they need someone to test the fit of their half sizes, I'll volunteer to test the 3 1/2. If they let me keep them ...

  3. I wonder what they are like to drive in all day? Some boots can feel a bit big and clumsy on dainty little tootsie's like mine when im driving. :0)

  4. I shelled out for a pair of 'Stealth Force' Magnums, with the composite toe after a couple of pairs of cheap sub-£25 steel toe boots that had been heavy and left me with blisters whenever I wore them for several hours. They're lovely. Soft & comfy but with the sturdy sole and protective toecap I need, I can wear them for 12 hours with no problem. Of course as soon as I knelt down to practice c-spine immobilisation they got scuffed, but I have some waterproiof polish and I hope by applying plenty of polish after each scuffing they'll last a good long time. Even with traditional eyelets instead of the loops you got on the Elite they're easy to open, and little details like a cut to allow the ankle part to flex easily towards the toe make all the difference.

  5. For my stuff, they would need good ankle support and be tough for walking on Ballast? But they would certianly need toecaps!

  6. I've used Magnums for a few years now, and have always been impressed. They already have a version with composite plates in, rather than a steel plate. It covers the sole as well as the toe, to prevent puncture from below.

  7. Try to get a pair of Haix boots, huge difference in feet and durability compared to the Magnums. Also the included front zipper helps speed things up to.

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