Saturday, 19 February 2011


I've decided. I'm not a morning person. Especially 3am. That's not really morning, is it? That's still night time, isn't it? Ok, then, I'm definitely not a night-time person.

This is an unusual comment to hear from a chap who regularly jumps out of bed at 3am, drives at ridiculous speeds, and makes life-altering (hopefully -saving) decisions. I do all of those things, and, I hope, do them rather well.

What I find difficult is biting my tongue. When well-meaning, worried family members ask me questions in the middle of the day, I try hard to alleviate their fears, empathise with their need to know, and help them deal with the difficult decisions that are being made around them.

At 3am, when I am asked if a drug I am considering using to sedate a man to help get him down a steep set of stairs has any side effects, I answer "Yes, but they're better than just leaving him here all night." Not the most empathetic comment I have made in my life.

But it could have been worse. When same family member asks me if the neurosurgical centre I have chosen for their beloved is the best choice, I don't say, "no, I just chose it because it is near to where I live, and I'll be able to get back to bed quicker." I simply say, "yes."

Maybe I can cope with 3am's after all!

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  1. RRD: You've got to do what you've got to do.

    You carry a great weight on your shoulders, since your role in the medical profession carries a life-changing outcome that in a way, I do not have to bear.

    For my 'customers', they can go elsewhere and get on with their lives if they don't like my on the other hand have a captive audience and if you don't assist them there and then, the outcome is bloomin' serious.

    Big respect to you, but when the time comes to cut to the short answer, DO NOT feel as though you need to apologise for it.

    BTW....who are ya'???? (In-joke between RRD and I, so please fellow blogites, don't be offended - I'm not dissing the chap!).