Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Nothing to do all day!

I've had nothing to do all day today. My nothing started at 5am, with a call to an agitated man, collapsed as he got out of his bed. The team were unable to get him down the stairs, because he was thrashing about too much. By the time I arrived, he was quiet, and easily transported down the stairs. I didn't help the crew this time... I decided to follow behind the ambulance to Local Neuro Hospital, just in case. Nothing happened

About 6 this evening I was just getting ready to go home, when I am called to a stabbing near by. He had been stabbed in the chest, and was in the back of the ambulance before I arrived. The crew were happy to wait, and I travelled in the back with them on the way to Major Trauma Centre, just in case. Nothing happened

I got home about 8.30. My new cat was waiting for me (more about him in another post), and so was my family and my dinner. About 8.35 I get a pager for an RTA not all that far away. I couldn't not go. After all, that's what I do. He had been thrown from the car at high speed, but seemed reasonably ok. I decided that, since we were only 5 minutes away from Local Hospital, I would travel in the back, just in case. Nothing happened.

I'm home now. Please let me have my supper!


  1. Is this some kind of medical manifestation of Murphy's Law? Nothing nasty will happen to a patient if there's a doctor nearby?

  2. No, this is a demonstration of the bus theorem - none come for ages, then three come all at once. Also, to show that, contrary to popular belief, I don't intubate and ventilate every patient I see. Nor do they all get a chest decompression...