Sunday, 29 May 2011

Race Day!

Well, the day is finally upon us.  After almost 140km of training, tomorrow I am running for BASICS.  I feel quite proud, to be honest.  I have often seen on the television the runners as they cross the line, and tomorrow that will be us!

I'm supposed to have had an early night.  It's nearly midnight here, and I'm not quite ready for bed.  After all, life doesn't stop at Chez RRD, not even for a 10k run.  There are children to get to and from parties, wallets to find (mine), and hair to be trimmed (mine).

And, of course, the preparations for the race day itself.  Ginger, one of Princess RRD's friends who is also running tomorrow, is staying over tonight, and the girls had a very giggly time.  They spent the afternoon decorating the back of their running shorts with the BASICS logo.  Oh, and the Union Jack on the front!!  Mrs RRD has been making the food for the after-run picnic.  Lots of food!!  Camera batteries have been charged, so I will be posting the evidence here tomorrow evening...

Shrink will not be running tomorrow.  An over-exuberent dance session over the weekend has left him hobbling on an injured ankle, so he will have to watch from the sidelines.  Scissors, a veteran marathon runner, has elected to keep me company all the way.  So, his time won't be any good, either!!

I have set things up so that any of you can follow my progress, inch by painful inch.  If you go to, and search for me, rapidresponsedoc, you should be able to find a live, as it happens, track.  My aim is to keep my speed as close to 8 minutes per kilometre - see how well I do and cheer me on.  Start time will be about 11:20, UK time.

Right, I am off to bed.  See you at the starting post!!!

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