Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Training Update

Well!!  It's all going swimmingly!  Those of you keeping track may have noticed that I am getting into my stride now.  I am starting to run and cycle every couple of days.  I have managed to run 5.5km non-stop in 40 minutes, and I'm really proud of how I am getting on.

Or, I was until I made the mistake of looking at some of last year's finish times - just to see, you understand.  You just enter a runner number, and their time is displayed.  There are thousands of numbers to choose from, so I will start with runner 1000.  Hmmm.  10km in 44 minutes.  That doesn't sound promising.  Must be a good runner.  Try another one... Runner 179.  Erm, 10km in 37 minutes.  How about runner 2659?  Nope, 48 minutes.

I'm going to be last, behind the granny on her Zimmer frame.


  1. Don't worry about it - it takes time to build up speed. Those kinds of times are likely club runners: 10k in an hour is quite a hard target for a new runner.

  2. Doesn't matter. Finish it, and wait for the feeling of euphoria at completing your challenge wash over you!!!
    I hated every minute of my training, and yet loved every minute of the race, even if I was a long, LONG way towards the back! :)

  3. Just think of Eddie Kidd........ still running / walking the London Marathon!
    Good Luck, I am sure you will build up speed!

  4. By the way, I've sort of written a kind of update on my The Planets blog. You & RRD Senior were on my mind earlier on and I just felt the need to write...something. I hope that you're ok, all your family are well. I regret not updating my blog more often, your Dad gave me a fantastic opportunity, I wasted it. I'm full of regrets this morning. Fear & regret. Take care. Jupiter.