Saturday, 9 May 2009

It's Early In The Morning

04:10: "Hi there, it's John in Control. Are you available to go to a trapped RTA in TinyTown?" I get up, get dressed in the dark, kiss Mrs RRD goodbye, and set off down the stairs. I suggest to myself, as I make my bleary-eyed way to the car, that in future I will pay much more attention to which way round I put my pants on, as I now have an industrial-sized wedgie!

I put my jumpsuit on and sit in the car, squirming uncomfortably, as I punch in the details to my Sat Nav.

04:14: "Hi there, it's John in Control. The trapped RTA is now out and walking around, with no injuries. I can stand you down. Sleep well." I take the key out of the ignition, take my jumpsuit off, stumble upstairs and climb back into bed, wondering how long it will be before sleep finds me again.


  1. Well at least you didn't have to intubate by the roadside with a wedgie...:D

  2. Atleast it wasn't me calling for you this time RRD

  3. Ah, Blue Flash, you have the advantage on me. I don't recognise your tag...

  4. Ah that will keep you guesssing.....