Monday, 22 June 2009

The Handover Carnival

Well, at long last, here is June's edition of the Carnival. Communication is so important to all of us that I wanted this to be the subject of my edition.

And I am happy to start with a submission from the editor of last month's Carnival, about communication bourne of many years, demonstrating the love between family members:

Peter wants to try and persuade us of the benefits of smoking in his entry:

Our insomniac colleague has some thoughts on 21st Century Britain, that made me sit back and think:

A great post from Medic 3, about how sometimes there can be too many words, and no communication:

Dani provides us with an insight into how the body can communicate volumes to us, and help us medics do our job properly:

Lumo has something to say, to every patient who has walked into the A&E Department - maybe we should have a biiiiig poster made for the Waiting Room:

Our HappyMedic has a wonderful post, filled with memories from 1968, and how the communication worked way back when, before mobile phones and pages - possibly better than it does now...:

"It's wern me!" What does this mean? In New Orleans it means something, and to the patient it is important that Sean knows, so that he can help. Read this well-written tale of difficulties with "English" in another language:

Our very own MedigBlog999 has submitted this entry, about Michael, who has is own way of communicating, hopefully not what any of us would subscribe to:

Here are some tips from Steve about using communication to make a connection with your patient - well worth noting:

And my final entry, from Kristan:

This has been a real experience for me, hosting this Carnival. I am looking forward to next month, which is to be hosted by our very own TraumaQueen, whose blog I have followed with interest ever since I started my own. Head on over to his website to see what I mean.

Next month's Carnival is entitled "Pivotal Moment". Entries to, by 27th July.



  1. Glad to see it up and I "made the cut"! lol... Great posts all around, y'all!

  2. Thanks for hosting Doc, great edition!
    And a big welcome to the newcomers to The Handover too, it's great to have you all as part of our ever growing family!

  3. Good stuuf here, Doc. And thanks for including me this month.
    Welcome newcommers and hope to see you all next month.


  4. Fantastic posts one and all... And thanks RRD for the honourable mention!

  5. Nicely done, Doc! Sorry I missed this one...