Tuesday, 9 June 2009

I'm Back!

Yes, folks, I'm back to work. After only 17 days, I had had enough of day-time TV and chocolate-covered cherries, and I returned to work this morning. I was spotted by a number of ambulance crews, and within minutes of my arrival I had a call from Control; "We understand you are back at the A&E. We presume you are also back on BASICS callouts if we need you..." "Only local ones, and not at night", I suggested, knowing full well that, if I'm back, I'm back. Oh well, here's to a full night's sleep tonight...


  1. A&E just a little bit different to be out on scene. I.E you could go sick half way through a shift you cant in the field. Seems a bit wrong of control to assume your back to full

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